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Incorporated in the Year 2010, JLP Agro Products Pvt Ltd., is an edible oil company having its headquarters in Kolkata, India. With business interests in various types of edible oils such as Palmolin, Soyabean, Mustard, Rice bran, Sunflower, Sesame etc. to name a few, we are a valued player in West Bengal and Jharkhand edible oil industry.

With an experience and goodwill of over 40 years in the edible oil industry, coupled with a strong commercial platform to market branded and loose oil, we are well positioned to meet the growing demands and challenges in both developed and emerging edible oil markets.

Our core competence lies in the understanding of the edible oil markets, types of edible oils, its benefits and various uses in different industries.


To be a profitable provider of high-quality edible oil products.


Deliver high quality edible oil products and compelling service.


To identify difficult-to-operate niche domains and continue to excel in those spheres.

Why Sesame Oil?

Sesame Oil

Why Choose Us?

At Health First our only motto is to serve our customers with the best quality of Sesame Cooking Oil.

Happy Customers


I am using Health first for over 3 months now and liking it totally.. Firstly it gets consumed less as compared to other oil and still gives you the same taste..So it's best for people who want to have less oily food without compromising on the taste..
Secondly it's odourless and of supreme quality..
Me and my family are pretty satisfied with the product..Give it a try

Pankhuri Rungta


What I liked Most is that the food cooked don’t leave traces of oil and tastes fresh!
For a first time seasame oil user that was the most noticeable difference vis a vis other oils available.

Ayush Tibrewal


Refined sesame oil has always been the healthiest oil.
Health First has made it easily available to all.

Priyesh Dalmia


It’s a very light oil compared to the ones we were using before!
Would recommend trying atleast 1 litre!!

Siddhant Sikaria


The oil is extremely good and it has helped me reduce my gastric problem...
Recommended for all...
Stay healthy..

Biplab Das

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