Refined Sesame Oil

Get to Know about our Refined Sesame Oil

Refined Sesame Oil (Tilli ka Tel)–

Health First Refined Sesame Oil is a premium cooking oil made from the finest quality of seeds, having best taste and no odour.
Refined Sesame Oil has higher smoke point in comparison to other oils, which makes it best for not only stir frying but also deep frying.
In many countries Sesame oil is also known as Gingelly Oil.

Characteristics of Refined Sesame oil:

Particulars Sesame oil
Appearance Light, Clear
Iodine value per 100gm 104-120
Density in gm/ml at 15~C 0.9210-0.9240
Density in gm/ml at 20~C 0.9150-0.9240
Density in gm/ml at 25~C 0.9140-0.9190
Saponification value in mg/gm oil 186-195
Unsaponifiable in gm s20.0
Free fatty acid in % (maximum) 0.10

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