Benefits of Sesame Oil

Get to Know about Sesame Oil

Benefits of Sesame Oil

At Health First we specialize in bringing high quality and premium cooking oil. Sesame oil has been sent to Mysore (Karnataka, India) Testing lab for its purity and content verification. Please find the link of the reports attached.

Sesame Oil of every batch is tested in an independent local laboratory to ensure its quality and contents.

After having spent over 40 years in the edible oil industry and gaining wide experience on the types, quality and purity of various edible oils of the world. We at ‘Health First’ are entirely convinced about the health benefits and purity of natural sesame oil for cooking.

From skin, bones to your internal systems, Sesame oil influences your holistic well-being.

Let’s explore the healthy reasons for switching to natural sesame oil for cooking:

Spent Oil (Oil used for frying once) will retain its color and flavor.

Oil will not smoke even on being super heated

Fried goods will retain essence longer on being fried

Food like puris will remain softer and fresh longer. It will not smell of fried stuff (as most puris do after few hours)

Cooked food will be good to eat even when consumed after a long time

Despite the wonderful benefits, what’s holding you back? Is it one the following reasons?

Never heard of Sesame Oil. Is it really better than other oils?
     The ancient scriptures and Vedas have noted the extra ordinary health benefits of Sesame Oil. Ask your granny and you would know it!

We use cold pressed/Virgin/Extra Virgin Oil. Is Sesame oil better?
     These oils SHOULD NOT be used for deep frying/cooking. Only as a salad dressing or topping.

Too expensive. Is the cost justified?
     No doubt it is costly than other oils. Burns less, so price reduces by 15%. For health pay now or later to doctors. Choice is yours!

Might find the smell to be too strong?
     Health First Sesame oil is odorless, Apply some on your hands and check for yourself.

Will it change the taste of the food?
     Guess what! Being premium refined, it will only enhance the flavor of your food.

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