Why Choose Us

Get to Know Why you choose us

At Health First our only motto is to serve our customers with the best quality of Sesame Cooking Oil.

Pure and Fresh

Our Sesame Oil is procured directly form the farmers & go through testing process from an independent lab to ensure we serve you with the highest quality of Oil.

Sourced directly from the Farms

We work directly with Sesame Seed farmers across India to source oil from the best of the Sesame Seeds. We make sure every drop of oil we ship is the most pure oil you have ever had.

100% Natural Ingredients

We believe in serving you with the most Natural Premium Ingredients, hence all our Ingredients are from a Natural source & a Natural process. This means, we do not use any artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives in our Oil.

Straight from Farms to Kitchen

Sesame seeds are crushed in a cold pressed expeller and passed through a filtration process. It is further physically refined, to remove unhealthy particles (if any). Every batch of Sesame oil is sent to an independent lab for testing.

Express Packing, Shipping and Delivery

Sesame oil is packed adhering to high quality standards of FSSAI and ISO. To ensure its smooth and swift delivery, our fulfillment team works with the top courier companies to send you happiness at your doorstep.

Experienced Team

Our Team consists of highly experienced people with decades of knowledge & experience in the field of Oil, which means you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands when buying from us.
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